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a history of the Rudeen and Rademacher Families

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Buncombe, North Carolina, USA


Tree: Rudeen-Rademacher

City/Town : Latitude: 35.609245, Longitude: -82.530327


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cogburn, Altha  1889Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2148 Rudeen-Rademacher 
2 Cogburn, Charlotte Elizabeth  12 Aug 1895Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2149 Rudeen-Rademacher 
3 Cogburn, Gladys Louise  5 Jul 1922Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8385 Rudeen-Rademacher 
4 Cogburn, James Western  18 Jun 1882Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2106 Rudeen-Rademacher 
5 Cogburn, John Austin  6 May 1860Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2142 Rudeen-Rademacher 
6 Cogburn, Kenneth Lee  29 Jun 1931Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8816 Rudeen-Rademacher 
7 Cogburn, Lillie A.  21 Feb 1900Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2150 Rudeen-Rademacher 
8 Cogburn, Lyda  21 Oct 1887Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2147 Rudeen-Rademacher 
9 Cogburn, Medford William  14 Sep 1915Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2356 Rudeen-Rademacher 
10 Cogburn, Mildred May  5 Aug 1913Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2355 Rudeen-Rademacher 
11 Cogburn, Paris A  24 Feb 1872Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2166 Rudeen-Rademacher 
12 Cogburn, Pinkney N  1 Sep 1874Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2167 Rudeen-Rademacher 
13 Cogburn, Zebadee  7 Aug 1880Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2145 Rudeen-Rademacher 
14 Coggburn, Martha Ann  Between 24 Oct 1826 and 1828Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2157 Rudeen-Rademacher 
15 Presley, Dunning John Jr.  1 Jul 1827Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I9923 Rudeen-Rademacher 
16 Spain, Charlotte Elizabeth  25 Mar 1847Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I7286 Rudeen-Rademacher 
17 Spain, Hannah Maria  Abt 1838Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I7283 Rudeen-Rademacher 
18 Spain, Henrietta Rachel  Abt 1842Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I7285 Rudeen-Rademacher 
19 Spain, James Newton  1839Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I7284 Rudeen-Rademacher 
20 Spain, Martha Caroline  27 Jul 1832Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2152 Rudeen-Rademacher 
21 Spain, Rosa  Abt 1850Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I7287 Rudeen-Rademacher 
22 Warren, Nannie  6 Jun 1855Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I7415 Rudeen-Rademacher 


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burnett, Ruth Gladys  7 Jul 1985Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8908 Rudeen-Rademacher 
2 Cogburn, Altha  10 Sep 1934Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2148 Rudeen-Rademacher 
3 Cogburn, Castle Leo Jr.  1 Apr 1950Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8811 Rudeen-Rademacher 
4 Cogburn, Castle Leo  24 Apr 1981Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2353 Rudeen-Rademacher 
5 Cogburn, Charlotte Elizabeth  2 Jan 1970Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2149 Rudeen-Rademacher 
6 Cogburn, Chester Amburg  7 Apr 1978Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I9871 Rudeen-Rademacher 
7 Cogburn, Dona  27 Sep 1963Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8303 Rudeen-Rademacher 
8 Cogburn, Esta Lee  1 Mar 1943Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I9298 Rudeen-Rademacher 
9 Cogburn, Jack G.  1 Jul 1947Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8902 Rudeen-Rademacher 
10 Cogburn, John Austin  21 Mar 1937Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2142 Rudeen-Rademacher 
11 Cogburn, John Wesley  19 Oct 1960Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2146 Rudeen-Rademacher 
12 Cogburn, Kenneth Lee  2 Jul 1934Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8816 Rudeen-Rademacher 
13 Cogburn, Lillie A.  1 May 1973Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2150 Rudeen-Rademacher 
14 Cogburn, Louis Dewitt  30 Nov 1990Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I9873 Rudeen-Rademacher 
15 Cogburn, Lyda  20 Jul 1964Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2147 Rudeen-Rademacher 
16 Cogburn, Mildred May  10 Dec 1913Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2355 Rudeen-Rademacher 
17 Cogburn, Posey  20 Dec 1976Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2169 Rudeen-Rademacher 
18 Cogburn, Susie Edith  8 Jul 1955Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I7288 Rudeen-Rademacher 
19 Cogburn, Vernon George  29 Jun 1981Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2354 Rudeen-Rademacher 
20 Cogburn, William Harrison  24 Jul 1853Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8304 Rudeen-Rademacher 
21 Coggburn, Martha Ann  31 Jul 1882Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2157 Rudeen-Rademacher 
22 King, Betty Frances  10 Jul 1945Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8171 Rudeen-Rademacher 
23 Lance, Mary Ann  25 Feb 1893Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2156 Rudeen-Rademacher 
24 Medford, Robert Randall  3 Dec 1987Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8181 Rudeen-Rademacher 
25 Pressley, William  24 Jul 186-Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I9929 Rudeen-Rademacher 
26 Rogers, Rev. Baylor Newton  10 Aug 1966Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I9237 Rudeen-Rademacher 
27 Sellers, Benjamin Franklin Jr.  3 May 1977Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8041 Rudeen-Rademacher 
28 Sellers, John Paul  29 Mar 1984Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8040 Rudeen-Rademacher 
29 Spain, Eliza Ann  8 May 1919Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I7281 Rudeen-Rademacher 
30 Spain, Martha Caroline  18 Feb 1925Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2152 Rudeen-Rademacher 
31 Spain, Mary C.  13 Jul 1923Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I7282 Rudeen-Rademacher 
32 Thomas, Bethany  2 Oct 1900Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I2143 Rudeen-Rademacher 
33 Tow, Thomas  7 Dec 1902Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I8009 Rudeen-Rademacher 
34 Warren, Nannie  5 Mar 1933Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I7415 Rudeen-Rademacher 
35 Welch, Sarah  1860Buncombe, North Carolina, USA I9930 Rudeen-Rademacher 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cogburn / Medford  10 Mar 1904Buncombe, North Carolina, USA F654 Rudeen-Rademacher 
2 Evans / Cogburn  21 Mar 1906Buncombe, North Carolina, USA F2328 Rudeen-Rademacher 

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