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a history of the Rudeen and Rademacher Families

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Haywood, North Carolina, USA


Tree: Rudeen-Rademacher

City/Town : Latitude: 35.552914, Longitude: -82.978500


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burnett, Arthur  28 May 1907Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8904 Rudeen-Rademacher 
2 Burnett, Juanita  20 Feb 1928Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8909 Rudeen-Rademacher 
3 Burnett, Maebell  23 Apr 1912Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8907 Rudeen-Rademacher 
4 Burnett, Ruth Gladys  17 Feb 1920Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8908 Rudeen-Rademacher 
5 Burris, Rudolph Hardy  1917Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8650 Rudeen-Rademacher 
6 Cogburn, Amanda Magnolia  25 May 1869Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2165 Rudeen-Rademacher 
7 Cogburn, Arthur Lee  28 Dec 1900Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9661 Rudeen-Rademacher 
8 Cogburn, Bonnie Mae  20 Jan 1904Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9872 Rudeen-Rademacher 
9 Cogburn, Carl Reuben  19 Apr 1899Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9364 Rudeen-Rademacher 
10 Cogburn, Castle Leo  30 May 1905Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2353 Rudeen-Rademacher 
11 Cogburn, Cecil Thomas  31 Jan 1917Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9002 Rudeen-Rademacher 
12 Cogburn, Charles Edward  13 May 1932Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9670 Rudeen-Rademacher 
13 Cogburn, Charlotte E  16 Jun 1867Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2164 Rudeen-Rademacher 
14 Cogburn, Chester Amburg  22 Aug 1902Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9871 Rudeen-Rademacher 
15 Cogburn, Columbus Webster  16 Feb 1879Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2144 Rudeen-Rademacher 
16 Cogburn, Danny Lee  5 Aug 1961Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9682 Rudeen-Rademacher 
17 Cogburn, David Harold  4 Jul 1954Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9070 Rudeen-Rademacher 
18 Cogburn, Edward D  12 Mar 1863Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2162 Rudeen-Rademacher 
19 Cogburn, Edward Elijah  11 Jun 1915Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9001 Rudeen-Rademacher 
20 Cogburn, Esta Lee  30 May 1915Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9298 Rudeen-Rademacher 
21 Cogburn, Frances Evelyn  29 Apr 1924Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9666 Rudeen-Rademacher 
22 Cogburn, Frank Cole  23 Jul 1923Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9139 Rudeen-Rademacher 
23 Cogburn, Frank Wendell  1 Mar 1900Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8897 Rudeen-Rademacher 
24 Cogburn, Frederick  1927Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9007 Rudeen-Rademacher 
25 Cogburn, George Harrison  1 Dec 1888Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8892 Rudeen-Rademacher 
26 Cogburn, George Harrison Jr.  25 May 1923Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9006 Rudeen-Rademacher 
27 Cogburn, George W.  28 Dec 1891Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8029 Rudeen-Rademacher 
28 Cogburn, Glenn Pinkney  13 Dec 1904Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9663 Rudeen-Rademacher 
29 Cogburn, Harry Ray  21 Jun 1908Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9368 Rudeen-Rademacher 
30 Cogburn, Hattie Rosatte  18 Jun 1884Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8890 Rudeen-Rademacher 
31 Cogburn, Horace Andrew  10 Sep 1895Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8895 Rudeen-Rademacher 
32 Cogburn, Horace E.  30 Nov 1920Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9112 Rudeen-Rademacher 
33 Cogburn, Ida  27 Mar 1893Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8894 Rudeen-Rademacher 
34 Cogburn, Ila Marie  14 May 1906Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8197 Rudeen-Rademacher 
35 Cogburn, Jack G.  29 Jul 1913Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8902 Rudeen-Rademacher 
36 Cogburn, James Boyd  15 Jan 1902Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9662 Rudeen-Rademacher 
37 Cogburn, James Edward  7 Jun 1908Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8900 Rudeen-Rademacher 
38 Cogburn, Jefferson F  30 May 1865Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2163 Rudeen-Rademacher 
39 Cogburn, John Wesley  4 Apr 1885Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2146 Rudeen-Rademacher 
40 Cogburn, Lawrence Albert  7 Aug 1884Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8306 Rudeen-Rademacher 
41 Cogburn, Lonnie N.  3 May 1888Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8027 Rudeen-Rademacher 
42 Cogburn, Louis Dewitt  4 Apr 1909Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9873 Rudeen-Rademacher 
43 Cogburn, Lucille  1918Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9003 Rudeen-Rademacher 
44 Cogburn, Luther  20 Mar 1892Haywood, North Carolina, USA I7289 Rudeen-Rademacher 
45 Cogburn, Mack Leamon  19 Jan 1890Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8893 Rudeen-Rademacher 
46 Cogburn, Mollie Caroline  22 Dec 1887Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8307 Rudeen-Rademacher 
47 Cogburn, Parley Porter  5 Mar 1876Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2168 Rudeen-Rademacher 
48 Cogburn, Perry Louis  8 May 1903Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8898 Rudeen-Rademacher 
49 Cogburn, Rachel  14 Apr 1890Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8028 Rudeen-Rademacher 
50 Cogburn, Robert Haliburton  30 Oct 1885Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8026 Rudeen-Rademacher 

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Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burnett, Juanita  13 Nov 1929Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8909 Rudeen-Rademacher 
2 Cogburn, Amanda Magnolia  26 Oct 1931Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2165 Rudeen-Rademacher 
3 Cogburn, Cecil Thomas  8 Sep 1984Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9002 Rudeen-Rademacher 
4 Cogburn, Charles Edward  13 May 1932Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9670 Rudeen-Rademacher 
5 Cogburn, Charlotte E  17 Apr 1952Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2164 Rudeen-Rademacher 
6 Cogburn, Danny Lee  21 Dec 1985Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9682 Rudeen-Rademacher 
7 Cogburn, Edward D  3 Aug 1930Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2162 Rudeen-Rademacher 
8 Cogburn, Edward Elijah  2 Jul 1959Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9001 Rudeen-Rademacher 
9 Cogburn, Frances Evelyn  13 Nov 1937Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9666 Rudeen-Rademacher 
10 Cogburn, Frank Wendell  17 Jun 1977Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8897 Rudeen-Rademacher 
11 Cogburn, Frederick  29 Mar 1928Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9007 Rudeen-Rademacher 
12 Cogburn, Freeman Hardy  3 Dec 1934Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2161 Rudeen-Rademacher 
13 Cogburn, George Harrison  9 Mar 1923Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8892 Rudeen-Rademacher 
14 Cogburn, George Harrison Jr.  16 Jun 1984Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9006 Rudeen-Rademacher 
15 Cogburn, George W.  19 Aug 1896Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8029 Rudeen-Rademacher 
16 Cogburn, Glenn Pinkney  15 Nov 1956Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9663 Rudeen-Rademacher 
17 Cogburn, Hattie Rosatte  20 Feb 1962Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8890 Rudeen-Rademacher 
18 Cogburn, Horace Andrew  17 Feb 1978Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8895 Rudeen-Rademacher 
19 Cogburn, Ida  31 Dec 1912Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8894 Rudeen-Rademacher 
20 Cogburn, James Boyd  15 Mar 1934Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9662 Rudeen-Rademacher 
21 Cogburn, Jefferson F  27 Jun 1936Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2163 Rudeen-Rademacher 
22 Cogburn, John Jefferson  18 May 1907Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2151 Rudeen-Rademacher 
23 Cogburn, Lawrence Albert  11 May 1968Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8306 Rudeen-Rademacher 
24 Cogburn, Lonnie N.  11 Jul 1967Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8027 Rudeen-Rademacher 
25 Cogburn, Lucille  6 Jun 1919Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9003 Rudeen-Rademacher 
26 Cogburn, Luther  2 Mar 1958Haywood, North Carolina, USA I7289 Rudeen-Rademacher 
27 Cogburn, Mollie Caroline  9 May 1939Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8307 Rudeen-Rademacher 
28 Cogburn, Parley Porter  23 May 1929Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2168 Rudeen-Rademacher 
29 Cogburn, Pinkney N  24 Jan 1959Haywood, North Carolina, USA I2167 Rudeen-Rademacher 
30 Cogburn, Rachel  6 Aug 1896Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8028 Rudeen-Rademacher 
31 Cogburn, Ruby Lee  16 Sep 1962Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9693 Rudeen-Rademacher 
32 Cogburn, Tula Inez  20 Feb 1958Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8954 Rudeen-Rademacher 
33 Cogburn, Vera Odessa  22 Mar 1953Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9307 Rudeen-Rademacher 
34 Cogburn, William Isaiah  27 Feb 1949Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8025 Rudeen-Rademacher 
35 Fullbright, Timothy Vaughn  16 Sep 1962Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9703 Rudeen-Rademacher 
36 Harris, William Larry  3 Apr 1941Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9040 Rudeen-Rademacher 
37 Harrison, Freda Mae  18 Dec 1933Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9215 Rudeen-Rademacher 
38 Heatherly, Milan Clay  26 Oct 1946Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8253 Rudeen-Rademacher 
39 Mason, Mary Essie  14 Sep 1978Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9815 Rudeen-Rademacher 
40 Poston, Rachel Elizabeth  26 Nov 1922Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8302 Rudeen-Rademacher 
41 Pressley, Mary Ann  Abt 1869Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9928 Rudeen-Rademacher 
42 Pruitt, Bessie  3 Dec 1957Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8998 Rudeen-Rademacher 
43 Rogers, Charles Spurgeon  16 Feb 1918Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9243 Rudeen-Rademacher 
44 Rogers, Roy Lee  24 May 1971Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9238 Rudeen-Rademacher 
45 Rogers, Virginia Dare  6 Mar 1914Haywood, North Carolina, USA I9241 Rudeen-Rademacher 
46 Sellers, Bonnie Mae  6 Jan 1938Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8035 Rudeen-Rademacher 
47 Sellers, David Sylvester  12 Dec 1964Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8039 Rudeen-Rademacher 
48 Sellers, William Henry  20 Oct 1981Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8036 Rudeen-Rademacher 
49 Trull, Altha Elena  4 Oct 1974Haywood, North Carolina, USA I8951 Rudeen-Rademacher 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cogburn / Henson  29 Nov 1885Haywood, North Carolina, USA F2932 Rudeen-Rademacher 
2 Cogburn / Mason  7 Dec 1919Haywood, North Carolina, USA F3144 Rudeen-Rademacher 
3 Cogburn / Owenby  8 Apr 1917Haywood, North Carolina, USA F2877 Rudeen-Rademacher 
4 Cogburn / Poston  30 May 1877Haywood, North Carolina, USA F2606 Rudeen-Rademacher 
5 Cogburn / Price  4 Jun 1922Haywood, North Carolina, USA F2908 Rudeen-Rademacher 
6 Cogburn / Pruitt  28 Jun 1914Haywood, North Carolina, USA F2832 Rudeen-Rademacher 
7 Cogburn / Thomas  26 Jan 1878Haywood, North Carolina, USA F630 Rudeen-Rademacher 
8 Cogburn / Trull  Haywood, North Carolina, USA F2878 Rudeen-Rademacher 

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